Monday, December 31

dua ribu tiga belas

hello honest 1st hour of 2013 sangat menyakitkan hati..maybe 1st sign for me to be more careful..but now biasa-biasa kat J year kat J town ni sangat lah dull..nothing to do..bored..last night mummy call bgthu family keluar celebrate new year..OMG! sangat jeles..J town please be interesting..but it just hopping..

oh..this is my 1st entry for this year^^..pape pon most welcome 2013..hope can be better rather than last year..hope everyone getting more successes , happiness + more in everything lah..banyak sangat nak mention..

Hope wish atin will come true..then untuk famili, harap-harap sangat lah dapat spend a lot of time together..more gather2^^..special wishes untuk my cik abang..hope u be mine je lah..really lebiu ^^