Wednesday, March 7

dedicate to all of you

Alhamdulillah . . Praise to Allah for three months I undergo my external practical that begin on 21 November 2011 till 3 March 2012, I finally successfully completed my industrial training at Vasatech Sdn. Bhd.   

Thousand million thankful to Vasatech’s families . . . taught me the reality world of work. . I will miss all of you there . . my external practical at Vasatech Sdn. Bhd. was giving me a lot of experience about the real life of work.  It also opens my mind towards the reality of handling work environment . . . If I have a chance I really want to there once again.

To all my friends . . . thanks darling , , give me a lot of information . . We always keep in touch to share any information or news about practical process and i hope we will always keep in touch dear. . . . see u at Uitm . .

Thanks again to all of you, finally I success to complete my external training.